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How we set up our donation addresses and why:

All to often we see folks using static Bitcoin addresses for accepting donations. Address reuse can cause some major privacy and security concerns, take a look at the bitcoin wiki for address reuse for more information.

Our donation addresses are single use by design. This page uses the Bitcoin Core getaccountaddress API to display an unused address from the wallet running on this server. Once an address receives your donation it will no longer be used and a new address will be displayed.

Note: We realize most of the benefits of single use addresses are lost by exposing the wallet, it's public keys, and all it's transactions on this system. Consider this a honey pot for breaking elliptic curves or the hash function.

Go ahead and try it out :). Send a donation to the address above and refresh the page, after your donation is received a new unused address will be displayed.

After donating feel free to explore your donations, here a few interesting commands:

getaccountaddress Get an unused address for donations
getaddressesbyaccount Show addresses used for donations (default account)
getbalance Shows the balance of the donation wallet
getrawtransaction Take a look at your donation transaction with the TXID
getreceivedbyaccount See how much in donations we have received
getreceivedbyaddress See how much each account address has received
getunconfirmedbalance Is your donation still unconfirmed?
getwalletinfo See information about the wallet
listtransactions See all donation transactions
validateaddress Verify your donation address